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The vintage style dumbbell is a game changer when it comes to grip strength training tools. Unlike a traditional dumbbell, this unique bell forces the user to engage their core mussels while training due to the larger grip size. This customized steel Bell comes standard with a 1.5 inch grip. The Vintage dumbbell has a customized hollow sphere on each side allowing the user to fill it with Gun shoot to create the training weight desired. It comes with a choice of 6 and 8 inch steel spheres to accommodate a wide range of training weights. The Vintage dumbbell also comes in 2 inch size grip for added challenge or for those with larger hand size.
The Strongman dumbbell is yet another unique style dumbbell with the same grip strength technology as the Vintage Bell. Its longer cylinder shape creates a different challenge for the user for all movements due to its shape. This Bell also allows the user to fill it with the gun shoot to create the ideal training weight. The strongman dumbbell comes with a 1.5 inch standard handle. A 2 inch handle is also available.


All Products are MADE IN THE U.S.A.