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My Fitness history

Posted by Tim Ryan on

Fitness has been a part of my life in one shape or another since my days of playing recreational sports as a child. I was active as a kid and played sports year around. When I was 12 my dad gave me my first weight set. It was the standard weight set back then, consisting of about 200 lbs. of plastic covered cement weights, a thin metal barbell, two smaller dumbbell bars, weight collars, and a brown bench. I knew absolutely nothing about working out back then. I would lift every once in a while doing bench presses and curls, but that was the extent of it. When friends would visit we would load up the barbell and try to see who could bench press the most. It usually ended up with the spotter laughing and the other person rolling the barbell off his chest down to his stomach.

When I entered high school I found out quickly that if I wanted to be on the varsity football team I needed to start lifting. There I expanded my workout routine from benching and curls to cover all major muscle groups. Cleans, squats, military presses etc. all became a part of my workout routine. I threw the shotput in indoor track, so I would lift throughout track season. The end of track signaled lacrosse was right around the corner, so it was less lifting and a lot more running until lacrosse season ended. That cycle continued through high school. 

I was recruited to play football at some of the smaller colleges in New England, but chose to go to UNH where they had no use for a 205 lb. offensive lineman. My workout routine never changed from high school and I would go through periods of getting burnt out with doing the same old chest and triceps, back and biceps, and leg day.

This went on for years. Finally in early 2012 after watching endless infomercials I decided to try P90X. It was a nice change from my “typical” routine, but I wore out with the redundancy of the workouts. I did finish my 90 days, but I was ready for a change after the first 30! That led me to signing up with a personal trainer at Golds Gym near my house. I let my trainer know that I was looking for a change and that I was sick of my old gym lifting routine. She was great and introduced me to “functional fitness”. It was exactly what I was looking for and was great training for the Spartan Races and Tough Mudders that I was running. It opened up a whole new world of fun exercises that replaced my lifting routine. 

In January of 2013 I moved and started working out at an Anytime Fitness facility near my new home. One of the reasons I selected Anytime Fitness was the Art of Strength (AOS) classes they were running. AOS classes were functional fitness classes utilizing battle ropes, outlaw jump ropes, XT suspension, kettlebells, vintage barbells, and vintage dumbbells. I couldn’t get enough of the work outs, taking classes 5-6 times a week!

One day I was sitting in the parking lot ready to leave the gym and I thought that it would be great to become a certified AOS trainer. That started me down a path I never pictured myself going. After a few months of shadow training with the instructors and taking courses I got certified. Becoming a certified AOS trainer was a life changing experience. I loved working with the clients watching them progress, get stronger, and more confident. The energy of the classes and the enthusiasm of the clients made me want to do more than just be a trainer. At the time I did not realize that becoming a trainer was just the start of my journey in to the fitness industry!

Keep an eye out for my upcoming blogs about ASF and my fitness journey.