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​My Fitness Journey

Posted by Tim Ryan on

In the early months of 2015 I was looking into opening my own gym. I had a couple of discussions with a friend that was a gym owner and was eager to start the process of starting my own fitness facility. It was around that time I was made aware of the opportunity to purchase Art of Strength. Coming from a manufacturing business background and loving the products and workouts so much I was elated at the opportunity! Never did I think that I would be able to own a business that I have such a passion for!

In the next few months I formed Authentic Strength and Fitness that took over the manufacturing for all AOS products. I made sure that we still built everything in the USA and we take pride in that fact. I streamlined the manufacturing process, invested in raw material, upgraded manufacturing equipment and instituted ethical business practices.

This all came at a cost. It wasn’t just a capital cost either. There was a mental and physical cost too. It d

rained me. My 5-6 times a week in the gym turned into 3-4 which led to 1-2 times a week. Gone were my days of running Tough Mudders and Sparta Races. I stopped hiking, kayaking, and enjoying the outdoors. My diet changed from 

eating clean to loading up on yummy carbs on a daily basis. I had been known to “have some sandwiches” on occasion. Give me a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter and I would do some damage.

The end of October 2015 rolled around and I was given the greatest news of my life. That day I arrived home for lunch and my wife Bethany was still home. I thought it was strange because she was supposed to be at work. I opened the door and she was on the couch. The dogs were barking and jumping around giving me their typical greeting. Before I could get any words out of my mouth Bethany handed me here phone and said “look at this picture”. Still confused I glanced down and tried to make out what it was. It was a pen with the letters “ept” on it. It was a pregnancy test stick and it said Pregnant! I don’t remember much else about that day only the feeling of walking around in the clouds.

After all the baby courses, late night ice cream runs, and endless doctors’ visits my son William “Will” was

born on the night of June 28th. Never in my life will I ever forget that magical moment when I first saw his perfect purp

le cheesy screaming face. There is really no way to describe it other than pure love. I instantly wanted to give him the world.

Life is amazing, life is busy and I am out of shape. I gained 30 lbs. in the course of a year and a half. Bethany always supported me no matter what, but I know I need to change. The mirror tells me, my energy level tells me, and my pants are screaming at me “You need to get healthy”! At times I would motivate myself and start on the right path, but then something would happen at work and I would put my energy towards that. Basically I had every excuse in the book not to work out. Now I have the greatest reasons ever to work out, my health and my family. Here I am starting my journey to get healthier. 

Keep an eye out for my upcoming blogs about ASF and My week 1 fitness blog.