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Posted by BETHANY on

Hmmmmm, where do I begin?!

My Husband, Tim, asked that I share my Fitness beginnings with our social media fans for our “getting back to good health and fitness” journey/Blog we’ve begun. (The decision to begin and share this experience came about when Tim and I looked at ourselves in the mirror and realized that we had gone far off track with our fitness since having our son Will two months ago and that we SERIOUSLY needed to make some changes!). I’ve never really had the chance to sit down and THINK about when I became involved in Fitness, personally and professionally, as it’s ALWAYS been in my Life in some shape or form. So, let me give it a try! ;)


I started my Life of Fitness while growing up on the playgrounds of West Hartford, Connecticut…o.k., that’s taking it back just a little too far! Seriously, I would have to say my formalized fitness education came when I became a gymnast at the age of 6. I trained competitively for 6 years until I fell into a window while working on the balance beam, eventually leading to my emotional resignation from the sport. After that I dabbled in a few other group sports but nothing ever inspired me again to get back to the previous level of fitness I once had while having fun.

In College, I found out that I could actually get CREDITS for taking “gym classes”! What fun it was to try new activities such as Ballroom Dancing, Aikido, Karate, Free Weights for Women-the list goes on!! I appreciated all that I learned from these classes but found myself gravitating towards traditional strength training using machines and free weights. I became so proficient with these tools I found myself making up new and interesting exercises; figuring out which exercises worked which muscle groups, and began sharing these exercises with friends.


About sixteen years ago (has it really been that long?!) my boyfriend at the time needed a Personal Trainer to run his gym. Due to my long-standing interest in Fitness, it seemed only natural that I would become certified to OFFICIALLY train individuals; to effectively and safely change their lives in a big way. I soon began working at one of the largest and most amazing fitness facilities in New England. (This place was HUGE and the tools with which to train were limitless!!).

I spent 9 years working as a Personal Trainer until our Director of Fitness sought me out to become the new Head Fitness Consultant/Wellness Coach Manager! What an exciting new position to be in!! I found that by working with a greater number of Club Members, helping to inspire them on their fitness journeys, I was able to affect change on a larger scale.

Let’s get back to the personal!

Although I initially solely prescribed to using Free Weights and machines in my early years to achieve my goals, I eventually branched out in my training repertoire. I did this by trying out many of the newest tools offered in the industry-CrossFit, Boot Camps, Parisi, etc. (I even admit to trying a popular extreme workout video that my Clients had been raving about)! The reason I tried out so many different training philosophies is because they made me a better, smarter Fitness professional. Eventually I came to the realization-I KNOW what works and what doesn’t.

In my experience, I have learned that some of the most effective tools to change body composition are considered functional training tools (tools that incorporate use of more muscle groups thereby cutting down the time needed to put forth in a single workout). Some of these tools are suspension training systems, battle ropes and jump ropes. My Husband and I will be using these tools to reshape out bodies and bring us back to good health.

I have changed many peoples lives in their journeys to achieve whatever goals they desired-may my Husband and I inspire YOU as well.

Welcome to our journey!